R delivers quality products. What do you demand from the products you use in everyday living? Of course you want your apparel to last long, and you want the products that you use on your body to be healthy ones. Products made in Japan maintain consistent levels of quality that help them to capture the hearts of consumers starting the very first time they try them. R Corp. is a trading company that delivers quality products from Japan to the world. Our lineup consists of items essential to daily living such as cosmetics, health foods, and daily goods. We deliver products made in Japan, trusted in countries around the world amid the rising health consciousness of today’s society, to support comfortable living for consumers. We deal only with trustworthy buyers, so the countries and regions to which we can deliver products are limited. Still, we are expanding to new markets gradually in order to meet consumers’ needs. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our products. Communicating with us is the surest way to find the quality items you’re looking for.

Company Profile

Company R corp
President &
Chief Executive Officer
Masaki Kawagishi
Office Iwata office
1F, Ima-zyuⅡ, 137-1, Tenryu, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka, 438-0075, Japan
TEL +81-538-84-6131 FAX +81-538-84-6132



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